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What We Do: Security

PhotoAmerican Engineering and Manufacturing provides custom design solutions and manufacturing services to a wide scale of technical and mechanical applications.

Founded in July 2002, American Engineering & Manufacturing maintains its corporate offices in Elyria, Ohio. Drawing heavily on the 32 year military career of its President, American Engineering & Manufacturing has forged numerous strategic alliances with other veteran and SDB organizations to provide highly specialized solutions. These strategic relationships bring to bear some of the most highly trained former Navy/Army Special Operators from within the Department of Defense. Together, American Engineering & Manufacturing and its partners can provide virtually any security related solution required by both the government and industry. A sampling of these concept development, final design and build services include:

  • Consulting on high risk projects and ventures. Direct support as required to include "Red Cell" services.
  • Readiness and/or table top exercises to evaluate, educate, and improve personnel performance and procedures.
  • Instruction in crisis action management.
  • Security assessments of buildings, compounds, and assets.
  • Security surveys of ports, harbors, and vessels.
  • Instruction in personal protection measures and security details.
  • Direct support for both high and low threat events as required
  • Leadership training.
  • SWAT / SRT / CAT Team Training.
  • System design and installation for Access Control and Intrusion Detection Service.
  • A full range of IT related hardware and software solutions to complement the implementation of a total security upgrade.
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • Precision machining for those special "one off" devices as well as full production capabilities.

American Engineering & Manufacturing also encompasses a 10,000sq ft facility that can be expanded to 30,000sq ft by which "turn key" solutions are provided to transition technical requirements and ideas into practical solutions for both government and commercial customers. Our practical approach to cost-efficient problem solving, coupled with a special focus on client relationships, gives us the capacity to provide state-of-the-art services to all customers over the long term.



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