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Product Development
We specialize in turning your ideas into reality - whether the idea is to launch a new product or to simply enhance an existing one. Either way, American Engineering & Manufacturing is your launch pad for bringing new or updated products to market quickly.
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IT Services
We help clients succeed by enhancing their bottom line, matching technology to their business strategy and assisting them solve complex problems with proven technical solutions. In addition to servicing stand-alone customers, we provide technology solutions that will lower overall IT costs, improve service levels, and free up capital for strategic initiatives.
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Robotic Integration
American Engineering & Manufacturing has developed a multitude of robotic applications for industrial, automotive, and military applications. Developing new robotic manufacturing technologies has increased cost efficiency while decreasing the risk for human error and injury.
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Innovative engineering solutions are essential for today's state-of-the-art facilities and products. We are an engineering and design powerhouse. From concept to production, we specialize in providing the necessary skill for your engineering, design and manufacturing needs.
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We specialize in working with the service and manufacturing industries to repair or reproduce damaged components and machine parts.  We have the ability to complete repairs, including bore and keyway repair, on-site if needed.
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We provide custom design solutions and manufacturing services to a wide scale of technical and mechanical applications. With a deep history in the military, we can provide virtually any security related solution required by both the government and industry.
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State-of-the-art equipment requires state-of-the-art manufacturing methods. We offer a variety of manufacturing skills such as fabricating, machining, forming, casting, painting, coating or refurbishing,
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